The Best Security Solutions

Nowadays from the eyes of the companies and institutions its a risky task to move smoothly in the midest of competitors and other kind of intruders. So there must be a well controlled and maintained security network system. Here is a number of specialized applications designed to make individuals and companies showed Bouncer, which is an alternative to antivirus products by only allowing trusted applications to run, not loading a black list of applications. So it’s a white list solution instead. But it does allow IT departments to allow new applications from trusted providers.

Usable Security showed a new method for logging in to web sites. It is a small browser extension of that installs on your computer or a Java application the site can use; it then adds a new login screen to all web sites. You have a single code word that works for all of your sites, but the codeword isn’t actually your password. Instead, the codeword just connects to a web site, which is actually providing the actual password. Via this web site, you can control which computers can use the application, enabling or disabling computers on the fly. This looks like a great solution to a problem that lots of us face.

Paragent MSP is a tool designed to improved managed services for computers, letting you manage multiple computers, tracking components, and including a remote desktop solution. For VARS and others who help small companies manage their computers, this looks like a very nice solution, at a much better price than many competitors.

Enterprise Informatics showed EB for Sharepoint, an add-in that allows records management and information management within a Sharepoint site. This lets you classify different things within Sharepoint and management and monitor it for compliance and similar purposes.

Fortressware showed Personal Fortress, which allows you to set controls on files you distribute to other people. The “anti-propagation” controls include password control, but more importantly, prevents a recipient from copying or moving the files beyond the original machine; and sets an expiration date for how long people can view the file. The initial release is free in beta.

Ubisafe lets you track where your family or friends are, so you can see, for instance, if your child is at school. I’ve seen other such applications, but it seems to have a nice interface for viewing this online or getting alerts on your phone.

Unity Solutions showed Lanxoma software, which watches all the activity on your network, so you can protect your company from internal threats – IT administrators or the like who are doing illicit things on your network.

In most of the case poor network Configuration makes massive problems in every firm. Some times its enough to wind up the companies task and plans even it doesn’t functioning yet. So that i hopes this sites will help you guys to safe guard in network and web management.


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