Sony Wireless NFC speaker – SRS-BTV5 !!

Sony Inc. introduced stunning wireless speakers recently named, NFC speaker – SRS-BTV5.This devices were launched to complement the new Xperia smartphones that come with the built-in NFC functionality. One of those accessories launched is the Sony Wireless NFC speaker codenamed SRS-BTV5 that works with any smartphone with Bluetooth A2DP.

The NFC speaker comes in a ball-shaped weird looking speaker, but works really well. The speaker has a 360 degrees circle sound technology, something similar to the Nokia Play 360 speaker that boasted of surround sound. The speaker though actually faces upwards and is located below the NFC tag on the top of the sphere.The NFC tag works with any NFC device and can instantly pair the device with the other over Bluetooth. Sony promises around 5 hours of continuous music playback :), which is quite decent for a speaker in this size.!!

It has a Audio IN port and the micro USB cable for powering/charging the device. The Audio IN acts as the auxiliary input from other devices through a 3.5mm cable, which comes in quite handy if you don’t have Bluetooth on a device like, say, your good old music player. Other side, you have the volume controls on one and the call answer/cut button along with the mic on the other. The volume controls are for the speaker and do not control the device volume, unlike other BT devices we have used. The bottom of the device has a slider spring loaded switch with three options. Sliding to the right turns it on, and holding it there activates the Bluetooth pairing facility, so that your non NFC device can pair with the device. There are two LEDs at the bottom, one for BT connectivity status and the other for charging/power. The switch slides to the left to turn the device off. That concludes the hardware overview of the Sony SRS-BTV5 wireless speaker.

The matter of sound quality, Sony SRS-BTV5 is excellent, with a distortion free loud experience that easily fills the room. In the end, SRS-BTV5 is a quality product at starting rate of 62USD and it is enough for those song lovers who wanna hold their collections…..


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