Recon Instruments Jet :: Head up pack !!

Recon’s Android-based, Instrument Jet have a tiny HD display is located in the bottom right-hand corner and an HD camera is up front, while an accelerometer, thermometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and ANT+ for connecting all manner of health monitoring devices lurk inside. The company Recon is known for its MOD ski goggle inserts and the Jet is very much an evolution of that same technology, but built into a sunglasses frame and with some significant upgrades. It rocks a dual-core processor, enabling better functionality, but more importantly has an amazing array of sensors and connectivity options including GPS, accelerometer, thermometer, WiFi, Bluetooth and even ANT+. This means it’ll be able to suck in data from a variety of sensors capturing things like heart rate and even cycling cadence and power.

Actualy the potential applications are limited, and cycling Strava addicts in particular will probably be salivating at the potential. Indeed, the idea of getting a real-time display of speed, power and heart rate while training is quite compelling. The removable battery is said to last six hours,the idea being you could carry a spare with you and swap it in should you want to track yourself through your first full century ride.

Jet is slated to ship sometime before the end of the year. No formal pricing has been announced yet, but expect it to fall in the $400 to $600 range.


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