Kreyos Smartwatch :: First two way control- Voice and Gesture.

A new smartwatch, named Kreyos Meteor which has been designed to provide users with both voice and gesture controls that will allow you to use functions on your smartphone. It promises hands-free control over your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone handset while it remains in your pocket. The Meteor features a microphone and speaker, which, once you pair your smartphone with your smartwatch via Bluetooth, allows you to interact with the former using the latter.


Everything you can currently do with your phone’s voice command system you’ll be able to do through your smartwatch. This includes making and answering calls, replying to text messages, composing emails, posting to social networks, changing the music that’s playing, and setting up alarms and appointments.The Kreyos Meteor claims to be the very first smartwatch cable of providing voice and gesture controls and provides hands-free, two-way commu-nication from your wrist to your smartphone. Watch the video presentation after the jump to learn more about the new Kreyos Meteor smartwatch and see it in action.

Kreyos Meteor is currently over on the website looking to raise enough funds to make the jump from concept design to protection enabling
early adopters to benefit from the new voice and gesture control system. So if you think you could use the new Kreyos Meteor smartwatch jump
over to the Indiegogo website to make a pledge.

The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch is expected to be delivered to backers in November 2013. The price for Indiegogo backers started at US$95 for one Kreyos Meteor smartwatch, with the retail price set at $169.

[vimeo 68826226]


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