Urbanista Copenhagen headphones :: Truly a square piece.

The-Coolest-Urbanista-Copenhagen-Headphones2  Combining style with tech Copenhagen is a sequence of multicolored earphones by Stockholm-based intend concept supermarket urbanite, which produces products geared towards the requirements and fashions of urban living.

The headphones feature a quadrangle form ear cup and motorized with two joints that permit the headphone to fold up in a dense form. Due to the design, though, you have to find the perfect fit by adjusting the top part of the headset to avoid having the headphones slip off every few seconds. However, the square headpieces aren’t too large and attempting to have them cover your areas completely results in the headphones being incredibly loose. The padding is incredibly comfortable.

The Copenhagens are truly a top contender for your money if you’re looking for some good headphones worthy of showcasing your tunes. If you’re interested, Urbanista sells the Copenhagen headphones online for $99 with a collected of steel, is shaped in red and black, white and green, black and silver, white with white, black and black, and white with fuchsia.

Its a pretty much mate for gadget lovers as well as song minders….. baaaaang!!!!!


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