Genius GILA Mouse :: Next level of Gaming Launcher

The Genius Gila, is the company’s latest foray into the gaming mouse market. This mouse boasts a 12-button design and offers desirable gaming mouse features such as adjustable weighting, on-the-fly DPI adjustability, and user-defined macros. The Genius Gila GX Gaming Mouse looks good and its features sound good, so read on and find out if it really IS good….


Aside from being the perfect in-hand fit for a gaming mouse, the CES Design and Innovation nominee features 12 buttons and  allows PC users to set up to 72 different macros. All stored on the mouse onboard memory mind you. You’ll also notice dpi  settings range from 200 to 8200 dpi. MMO and FPS conformists need apply.

Four of the buttons can be found on ridges in the top-left and top-right of the mouse – two on each side. These buttons are within index- and ring-finger reach, but not close enough to be intrusive to normal clicking activities. Three more buttons are found just south of the mouse wheel, one used for DPI staging and the other two are pre-programmed to volume up/down functions. The final two additional buttons are in the traditional M4/M5 positions (left side, near the thumb grip). All buttons are able to be re-mapped to other features, sans the left mouse button.


Inside the mouse, we also see a couple of LEDs (16 million RGB) that light the front ‘grill,’ top logo, mousewheel, and rear grill. The Gila’s LEDs can be mapped in software. A non-controllable LED lights the DPI staging panel, which can be used to eyeball your present DPI profile without need for an on-screen overlay (which also exists).

The Gila has been generously loaded with a number of gaming focused features to justify its high price at $77.94 shipped. Onboard memory that can store up to six profiles, adjustable weights, three multicolor LED lit areas, and an 8200 DPI laser sensor are the big features to be had.

How excited the gaming guys on this item and eger to click n launch it. Over to you guys…


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