World’s smallest dual axis OIS gyroscope for smartphones introduced by InvenSense.

The latest high-end smartphones seem to be focussing on is the optical image stabilization. While many smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920 have excellent optical image stabilization, but this results in bulky phones. The deterrent so far has been the size of the MEMS gyroscopes which don’t allow ultra slim phones. InvenSense is out to change this trend by introducing the world’s smallest dual axis gyroscope for optical image stabilization in smartphones.


The IDG 2030 dual axis OIS gyroscope, measuring just 2.3 × 2.3 × 0.65 mm, could easily be the smallest dual axis gyroscope for optical image stabilization. Should this be introduced in smartphones, we would have extra-sensitive gyroscopes in ultra slim devices.

The dual axis OIS gyroscope is not only good on size but also has a comparatively lower power consumption. InvenSense claims that the new gyroscope would bring about at least a 41% reduction in footprint, 28% lower profile and up to 50% lower power consumption than its nearest competitor. We can expect devices with this new technology to be seen in the markets around the last quarter of 2014. For more details about the idea and provider, counter it!!


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