Lytro :: The Light Field Camera – Bring the Light.

The Lytro is a camera designed with a special lens that is capable of capturing all of the light rays in a scene, regardless of that light’s direction (this is called the “light field”), with the end result being a photo in which the depth of field can be changed and selected after the photo has been taken. It’s an interesting camera, for sure, and some fun can definitely be had with it, but it’s not a camera for the average Joe; mainly, it’s a camera that creative types and serious photographers can appreciate.

You can see on thumbnails that it has rectangular shape rather than a conventional camera design, and part of this is due to the large array of lens elements that are arranged inside the device, which sit in front of the magic sauce in this device: the Light Field sensor. Lytro showed us this sensor when they demonstrated the product and when you look through it you can actually see all of the light traveling in all directions. It’s a very beautiful thing and it’s said to be capable of capturing 11 million light rays. What it captures can be processed by the Light Field engine and played with on a computer using the supplied software interface (for both Mac and PC, using HTML5 and Flash, respectively). You can also turn the shots into interactive web presentations using the Lytro website.

On the outside, one end of the Lytro camera has the lens (which can be protected by a cool magnetic lens cap, but which has the tendency to fall off if you place the camera in a bag with all of your other stuff), while the other end has the square LCD viewfinder. The lens has an f/2.0 aperture and a zoom range of 8x. There are no immediately noticeable buttons on the unit. The shutter button, power button and zoom control are all located seamlessly under the rubberized grip that takes up about a third of the body. The battery is sealed inside the unit, as is the storage (there is no external storage), and the weight of the unit is comfortable. We love how solidly built this thing feels. And the Photos will be 1080×1080 pixels and suitable for printing to a size up to 5x7in.

If you want to add some interactivity to how end users perceive your photos, you can sharing them on the Lytro Web site (you’ll need to create an account) and embed the photos in your Facebook feed or a client project. Sounds good 🙂 For Lytro user manual view.

And the price In US, the Light Field camera costs $399 (around £245) for one with 8GB of storage or $499 (£310) for one with 16GB. So that light field camera is a worthy gadget for any photography geek and it’s perhaps a sign of things to come if the Light Field sensor eventually finds its way into mainstream cameras…Hopes this will leads photography passion as well as light sensor technology. Now over to you guyz….


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