iWatch from Apple :: Can you hold a projector to your wrist…Yup!!

The technology for a curved glass smartwatch has already been established. The sixth generation iPod Nano already fit an iOS-like (albiet simple) operating system into a wrist-sized device, and Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning created Willow Glass, a bendable glass. Apple uses Corning’s Gorilla Glass in its smartphones, so the two companies already have a working partnership.

A further two informers claiming to be au fait with Apple’s various super-plans say it is experimenting with a ‘wristwatch-like device made of curved glass’, operating on iOS. The NYT notes Corning has developed bendable glass last year called Willow Glass which could be used to wrap around something wrist, and cites Forrester’s claim that “Apple’s certainly made a lot of hiring in that area”.There are also claims Apple is in discussions with Chinese manufacturer Foxconn, which makes a large number of iPhone and iPad parts, about producing an iWatch. Foxconn are apparently working to make more power-efficient displays and stripping down chips, aimed at multiple Foxconn customers. This Wall Street Journal report also claims Apple has hired employees with backgrounds in sensors and related tecehnologies.

It has Flexible/curved screen thats some reason to belive the Apple iWatch might not be just around the corner, however. There are suggestions it could be three years off – Corning says that’s at least as long as it will take companies to start rolling out flexible displays, which the iWatch is supposed to feature. It has also A weather forecast system, integrated RSS reader for keeping tabs on the news, an LCD projector to display photos and of course multiple strap colors to choose from.

One thing that would seem obvious is some form of better battery performance, since you wouldn’t want to take a watch off and charge it twice a day like can be required for a smartphone. On this point, some have highlighted a patent Apple owns for wireless charging.

iWatch could be made of a flexible screen that wraps entirely around the user’s wrist and utilises solar power and kinetic energy to keep the battery topped up.

Making technology hits high scores but if that technology makes the life style easier, that we called the topper!!!. Since apple do the same. Now turning to whats the response…


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