Parrot Flower Power :: Wireless Plant Sensor


One of the most interesting and innovative devices we came across at CES was the Parrot Flower Power, a Bluetooth-enabled device measures sunlight, humidity, and temperature and alerts you on your smartphone about what your planet needs. A wireless Bluetooth sensor for plants which utilises a dedicated smartphone app to inform users on the health of their plants.

The Parrot Flower Power wireless plant sensor can measure sunlight, soil moisture, temperature and fertilizer.Of course there’s also “an app for that!” The dedicated iOS app will push notifications and reminders about your plants’ status and needs. The app is replete with a database put together by true botanists . It holds 6,000 plants with tips and various characteristics.

Working indoors or outdoors, Parrot claims the plastic sensor has a six-month battery life and comes in two colour variations. Users will insert the sensor into the soil alongside their plants allowing data to be transmitted via Bluetooth Smart to the cloud. The data is then analysed and sent to the user’s smartphone or tablet.Containing a library of thousands of plants, Parrot’s accompanying smartphone app keeps gardeners informed of their plant’s needs, measuring sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer.

As of yet, there is no official release date or pricing, however Parrot are promising that the product will hit the shelves sometime this year.The Parrot Flower Power wireless sensor and companion app will be available in ominous 2013. More details as they develop, but you can check the official webpage for details.


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