Lost your luggage ?? :: TrakDot – track it on the map with your cell

Losing your luggage is a horrible, stressful experience — just ask any of the 26 million travelers whose belongings got misplaced by careless airlines last year.trakdot

GlobaTrac has created Trakdot Luggage to give the constant flyer a little more of a sense of security. The palm-sized plastic device slips discreetly into your duffle or suitcase and updates the owner on its location via an app, SMS, email or the Trakdot website. Sadly the apps are not live in Play or the iTunes app store, so we can’t tell you much about their functionality, outside of some specialized alerts that are promised, like a notification when your bag hits the claim carrosel. On the site you can set up customized text and email notifications or view location pins via Google Maps.

Trakdot Luggage relies on a quad-band GSM chip and triangulation, which allows it to last up to two weeks on a fresh pair of AAs, which are generously included in the packaging. The Trakdot luggage will $49.95, though a one time activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99 will be required to keep it functional. $49.99 starting in March. 


The device will also use BlueTooth to communicate with an app on your iPhone or Android. That way, you can watch its progress along the conveyor belt as you’re waiting for your luggage. If it works, that’s a neat trick given how similar most pieces of luggage looks these days, but certainly isn’t as useful as locating luggage that’s been lost altogether. The device temporarily shuts itself off during a plane’s takeoff and landing, using an accelerometer to sense speed.

“So if you’re flying to Paris, and your luggage flies to London, you’ll get a message on your phone saying where your bag is”, says Paul Sloan at CNET.


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