Ghetto Blaster Backpack : Boom Boom Powerpack

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Appropriately named the Boompack, this portable audio design was inspired by the iconic ’80s boomboxes often seen on the shoulder of rappers and breakdancers. Designed with these street-performers in mind, it’s easily transportable and usable while moving. What makes it truly unique is a orientable 200 lumen Pico projector for adding moving video or slideshows that take the entertainment to the next level. Not just for street performers, it’s also perfect for parties, the beach, or cruising on your bike.

How powerful??  Eight speakers, 100 watts with a built-in rechargeable battery that’s good for six hours. There’s plenty of room for music with 32 gigs of onboard memory plus an SD card slot for expansion. And just to make it extrac annoying, it comes with a powerful video projector for moving video on the go.


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