Dell XPS Duo 12 :: i Tablet & you Notebook


Dell has announced XPS DUO 12, the new convertible ultrabook with a screen that can be flipped. Its compact size makes it very portable to carry around even in small back packs. On flipping the screen, the ultrabook easily converts to a tablet. But this hybrid gadget is not just only about screen, it also has a rugged built thus enabling it to handle everyday wear and tear. The company is promoting the gadget as a premium product hence expect the price tag to be on a higher scale. Since its launch is still awaited given below are tentative specifications.XPS DUO comes with features that one finds in a full ultrabook. It sports a 12-inch flip hinge touchscreen which supports Full HD display having a resolution of 1,920 x 1,280 pixels. It is powered by the latest Intel 3rd generation processor. Bluetooth v3.0, microUSB , mini HDMI and Optional 3G/4G network connectivity are the connectivity options that are expected to be available at the user’s disposal. The ultrabook’s backlit keyboard and trackpad, both are spacious.The XPS Duo 12 ignores docking and instead opts for a floating display that can flip within its bezel to transform into a tablet. It’s quite a rare design, but in reality it’s cribbed from Dell’s extremely bold Inspiron Duo convertible netbook (circa 2010), which featured the same rotating screen design. Faced with the pressure to create devices that could take advantage of Windows 8’s start screen and touch controls, Dell went back to take what was good about a quirky device that never should have seen the light of day.

That’s all not to ignore Dell’s decidedly less-inspired 10mm-thick XPS 10 keyboard docking Windows RT tablet. The 10-inch tablet isn’t adorned with such luxurious materials as the Duo 12, but it’s a fairly solid, if expected, design. The hinge features an automatic locking mechanism that we struggled with on this pre-production model, and the trackpad and keyboard are both lacking, but such things do seem to happen at this form factor — its a matter of compromises. Performance from the machine’s Snapdragon S4 was suitably speedy in Windows RT.

We’ll be looking to spend some more time with these PCs down the road, but for now, the Inspiron Duo’s once-wacky rotating screen looks like it might have finally found its home with Windows 8. We can’t call this a success just yet — we still don’t know what’s in the Duo 12 — but if Dell pays attention to what it puts inside the company could be taking its first step towards a better Dell.


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